Imagine what your world would be like if you felt deeply nourished
– on the levels of body, mind and soul.

You’d be vibrant, radiant, powerful, confident, sensual, energetic
– and unstoppable!

Now imagine a supportive community of women who are focused on the kind of self-care that makes you glow from within.

And…there’s NO-COST!

That’s the Nourished Woman Nation!


As women with full lives, tons of responsibilities, and a natural tendency to take care of everyone else – sometimes…

  • We don’t take care of ourselves the way we deserve.
  • We reach for the food that’s simply available instead of the food that’s truly nourishing.
  • We stay up getting that one more thing done, instead of getting to sleep.
  • We wish we could shed some unwanted weight.
  • We feel enslaved by our cravings.
  • We throw insults at ourselves instead of loving ourselves.
support-become…To live in a body you love
…To eat food that you love, that loves you back
…To create a life where you are on the top of the to-do list
…To ask for what you need, instead of doing it all yourself
…To go beyond “knowing what to do and eat” – to actually doing it.

Nourished Woman Nation is all about creating a healthy, empowered YOU!

If you’re ready to fuel your body, mind and soul, to prioritize yourself, to meet some fabulous women, and to become a Nourished Woman Nation member, then I invite you to say

YesYes, Nina, I want to join the Nourished Woman Nation as an official member and experience all the benefits of being a part of the Nourished Woman Nation.


To join for free, simply text the word: NOURISH
to 617-500-1922 or sign up here…

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MonthlyBenefits NWN

  1. A powerful, informative, and inspiring monthly call focused on Healthy Food, Body Trust, The Psychology of Eating, Emotional Eating;
  2. Your monthly call will include group coaching  – get Nina’s expertise focused on your health and wellness issues. Ask your specific questions, get coached by an international health and wellness coach who’s worked with literally hundreds of women;
  3. An incredibly supportive community of like-minded women who want what you want for yourself – feeling like a nourished woman!


  • frame-top-352
    lena prof 4

    Living a truly nourished life

  • Being surrounded by encouragement and support
  • Feeling vibrant and alive
  • Realizing that you don’t have to diet any more to feel your best
  • Finding fabulous women to join you on your journey
  • Discovering the specific foods and strategies that make you feel confident and healthy

We’re going to dive into the food and body issues
that you’re struggling with.

YOU and your relationship with food and body are the
foundation for our monthly curriculum.

To join for free, simply text the word: NOURISH
to 617-500-1922 or sign up here…

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WhyJoin NWN


You know you’re in the right place if any of these statements ring true to you…

  • I know I’m not eating right, but I just can’t stop. I feel out of control.
  • I know food is my emotional pressure release valve
  • My cravings take over!
  • frame-top-352547607_4078950809029_166053049_nframe-bottom

    I’m exhausted – I need more energy

  • I’m done with diets, I feel so cynical about starting any new “program”,  but I’m still not happy with my body
  • I feel ruled by my scale. I weigh myself and either feel good or bad about myself depending on what it says.
  • Why can’t I stick with my healthy intentions
  • I’m constantly thinking about what I should or shouldn’t eat and what I just ate and how I’m either good or bad because of what I ate.
  • I’m constantly criticizing my body and comparing myself to other women.
  • I’m too busy for self-care

How does the Nourished Woman Nation work?

  • You’ll receive your Nourishment Notes and reminders via TEXT!  (I know you’re already getting WAY too many emails) I’ll be brief and to the point.  My texts will focus on inspiring nourishing behaviors and reminding you of the coaching calls or other supportive resources.
  • You can always end your membership by texting me the word: STOP
  • You’ll also have access to a wonderful group of women via a private Facebook group.

To join for free, simply text the word: NOURISH
to 617-500-1922 or sign up here…

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I promise you, I’ve seen it countless times. If you take care of yourself, if you get support, if you nourish yourself…the people in your life will benefit, those people will then positively impact others and soon we’ll have a nourished nation.

it has to be YOU first.

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Simply text the word:

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HOWEVER…if you are NOT in the US or CANADA, you will NOT be able to join the text message list, however you CAN join the email list right HERE.


Be nourished,